Venue: Grianan Day Centre

Date: 11/10/2011

Donnie White welcomed the following attendees to the meeting:
Ian Coulson, Mandy Coulson, Moira Macpherson, Muriel Mackenzie, Angela Bryden, Delphine Macdonald, Gary Macdonald, Richard Langhorn, Irene MacLeod and Christine Stewart

Apologies:  Anne Macleod, Paul Morrison

Opening remarks: Chairman opened meeting and welcomed everyone, thanked Duncan Walker and Christine Stewart for services over the past year. It was a busy year, Campaign meetings, Fundraising, and the MS Awareness Week

Minutes of previous meeting read by Christine, agreed by Donnie and Muriel

Election of Committee:

Moira Macpherson nominated Donnie White as Chairman, Muriel Mackenzie seconded, Donnie accepted

Ian Coulson nominated Kenny Maciver as Vice Chair, Richard Langhorn seconded, in his absence should he wish to continue with this role

Christine Stewart nominated Delphine Macdonald as Secretary, Mandy Coulson seconded, Delphine accepted
Donnie White nominated Christine Stewart as Treasurer, Angela Bryden seconded, Christine accepted

Matters Arising:

  • Post of MS Specialist Nurse, interviews 23rd October 2011
  • Afternoon Branch Meetings if we can get enough to attend and a room at Grianan
  • £2000 spent on Hyperbaric Unit, new masks and seating
  • Rotary International donated cookery books to MSS, we received 44 copies, selling at £15 each
  • Sgoil Lionacleit donated £210
  • Cake break raised £331
  • Grants training attended by D.W and C.S forms available info@mswesternisles.org.uk
  • Moira gave feed back on Ian’s trip to Luchie house
  • RBS community force 11 days left and only 33 votes we are needing to get voting http://www.communityforce.rbs.co.uk
  • Muriel to arrange car boot sale, dates to be arranged

9.30pm, Chairman closed meeting, thanking everyone in attendance, next meeting will be in the Training Flat Grianan Centre

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