Hyperbaric Unit

Please note this facility is out of commission at the moment

The hyperbaric unit is situated at the Grianan Centre in Stornoway. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is NOT a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, but some individuals do find it to be effective in managing their condition. There are some claims that it may improve bladder control and reduce fatigue.

The initial treatment consists of breathing oxygen through a mask for one hour per day over a maximum of 20 days. This takes place in a large pressurized chamber that allows up to 8 people to be treated simultaneously.

This is followed by ‘top-up’ sessions which may vary from once a week to once monthly.

The chamber is in use every Monday night 7.00-8.00 pm; should anyone wish to use this facility please contact

Donnie White-(01851) 705306.

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