Activities for people with MS

Hydrotherapy Pool is available

1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday of the month  6.00 – 6.30pm

If any one requires assistance a pool-chair is available via the hoist, just ask for it!. The water temperature is 32º, should this be too hot for you, sit at the pool side or go for a shower and re enter.

Remember, to avoid dehydration it is advisable to drink plenty water afterwards.  It’s the Grianan’s responsibility to provide a lifeguard for all pool sessions.We are restricted to 10 persons in the pool at any one time  in order to get your 30 minutes, please make sure your ready and waiting  for when the lifeguard appears for duty.

We are invoiced monthly, everyone using  this facility will have to contribute  towards the cost.

This  promotes an excellent nights sleep.


Relaxation Classes

The Relaxation class started yesterday 25th January, however it will now be be delayed until people confirm their attendance, Julia’s contact details are: (01851) 672 349,  e-mail:

We have a Relaxation class every Wednesday afternoon, starting 25th January through to March, 1.00 -3.00 pm. This is held in the High Church Hall on Matheson Road. This class is taken by Julie Shaw who is a fully trained counsellor and keeps her own private counselling practice in Stornoway and is currently updating her skills to a Psychotherapist. Her main interests are stress management, working with the body, facilitating groups, and supporting carers and families. We usually do a 4-6 week block where each client pays Julia £6 per session paid upfront, this promotes the enthusiasm to come along.

Bring a towel and water to drink, mats can be borrowed from Julia. This class is open to anyone with a condition, so feel free to bring a friend along with you, tea and coffee available at the end of session.

Julia contact details are: (01851) 672 349,  e-mail:  however in the first instance please contact Christine Stewart on: (01851) 702 564, e-mail:  because without her these new inroads into the support would not be happening now in Stornoway. The group is something she hopes will continue in Stornoway for many years to come.


Grianan Gym  

This is normally done as a 4 week block booking ,should you wish to use this facility speak with the lifeguard at the Grianan Day Centre, telephone; 01851 703 443.



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