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  • Carers Rights Day: Friday 30 November 2012

      Dear branch chairs and lead support volunteers,   Carers Rights Day: Friday 30 November 2012   As you will hopefully have heard, this year’s Carers Rights Day will be held on Friday 30 November.Carers Rights Day is all about getting information to carers. Around three quarters of people with MS will rely on informal care and support from family and friends at some point in their lives, so we need to make sure the carers and families of people with MS are getting all the information and support they need.  

  • Branch AGM

    Venue: Grianan Day Centre Date: 13/11/12 Present: Donald White, Delphine MacDonald, Muriel Mackenzie, Christine Macleod, Rachel Morrison, Jamie Maclennan, Margaret Smith, Roddy MacDonald Apologies:  Anne Macleod and Moira Macpherson Appointment of Committee Members: Chairman - Donald White  - Proposer - Muriel Mackenzie;  Seconded - Jamie Maclennan Vice-Chair - James Maclennan - Proposer - Christine Stewart; Seconded - Donald  White Secretary - Christine  Macleod - Proposed - Christine Stewart; Seconded - Margaret Smith Treasurer - Christine Stewart - Proposed - Margaret Smith; Seconded - James Maclennan Fundraising Committee: Margaret Smith, Christeen Macleod, Delphine Macdonald, Christine Stewart, Donnie White. Grants Committee : Christeen Macleod, Christine Stewart and Jamie Maclennan   Minutes of previous meeting circulated and approved.   Matters Arising: 1.