Carers Rights Day: Friday 30 November 2012


Dear branch chairs and lead support volunteers,


Carers Rights Day: Friday 30 November 2012


As you will hopefully have heard, this year’s Carers Rights Day will be held on Friday 30 November.Carers Rights Day is all about getting information to carers. Around three quarters of people with MS will rely on informal care and support from family and friends at some point in their lives, so we need to make sure the carers and families of people with MS are getting all the information and support they need.


To mark the day, we’ve put together this small information pack for branches which we hope you will find useful and interesting.


Carers Rights Day local events

Each year over 700 local groups across the UK run all sorts of different events to support local carers, from coffee mornings to advice sessions and information stalls.The theme – getting help in tough times- will focus on helping carers find financial help, get a helping hand and make the most of technology.


There may be a local event happening in your area – the attached list has details of registered events across the UK, so why not check it and see if anything’s going on near you. You may then want to promote the event to members, volunteers and carers groups so people affected by MS in your area can get involved.


Carers resource pack from DWP

To help organisations supporting carers, the Department for Work and Pensions have produced a booklet setting out the range of information and resources available from them. A copy of the booklet is attached to this email.


Looking after someone: A guide to carers’ rights and benefits (Carers UK)

On Carers Rights Day Carers UK will be launching the 2012/13 version of this guide. You’ll be able todownload or order it from the Carers UK website. It sets out what rights carers have and how they can get financial help, practical help and help with combining work and caring.


More information about carers and caring is available on our own website, or from the national carers organisations below:


We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the important contribution that families and carers make in supporting people with MS, and help us to make sure they can access the information and support they need.


If you have any queries about Carers Rights Day, please feel free to contact us on 020 8438 0805 or reply to this email to find out more.


Very best wishes,






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