April Branch Meeting 2013


Western Isles MS Branch

Monthly Meeting


Venue:  Grianan Day Centre

Date:  Tuesday 9th April 2013

Present:  Donnie White, James MacLennan, Anne Macleod, Christine Macleod

Apologies:  Christine Stewart


1.      Welcome


Chairman welcomed those present to the meeting.



2.      Matters Arising


(a)   MS Society Meeting – Tuesday 16th April 2013


The above meeting is going to take place within the Grianan Day Centre on the above date at 10am.

A general discussion took place about the continued debate surrounding the Hyperbaric Unit, the involvement of Solicitors, Councillors etc. It is hoped that something positive will come about from all the deliberations.


3.      AOCB

            The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th May 2013 within Grianan Day Centre.



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