June Branch Meeting 2013


Western Isles MS Branch

Monthly Meeting


Venue:  Grianan Day Centre

Date:  Tuesday 11th June 2013

Present:  Donnie White, James MacLennan, Christine Stewart, Chrisine Macleod, Anne Macleod,  Margaret Smith

1.  Welcome

Chairman welcomed all those present to the meeting.

2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the previous meeting were read over and agreed.

3.  Matters Arising

(a)  MS Statistics

Following a discussion with regard to Neurological Conditions in the Western Isles, and Neurological voices, the Branch is glad to hear that there

is a Neurological voice in the area.  Christine Macleod, Secretary has been requested to find out the statistics for MS suffers in the Western Isles.


      (b)  Short Break/Activity Funds

There is a short break and activity funds available to clients and can be applied for every two years.


      (c)  Baby Gift

Roseann Adams recently had a baby girl and a gift will be sent on to her with warmest congratulations from the Branch.


4.  AOCB

As there was no further business to discuss, it was decided that the next meeting with take place on Tuesday 10th September 2013, following a two month summer break.

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