MS Western Isles Branch E.G.M

Venue: Grianan

Date: 8th April

Present: Donnie White (Chairman) James Maclennan (Vice chair )  Christine Macleod (Secretary) Christine Stewart (Treasurer)  Ken Munro ( Area development Officer)

Duncan Walker, Diane ferguson, Sharon Maclennan, Calum Iain Macleod, Jessie Mackenzie, Ian Ferguson, Norman Mackenzie, Richard Langhorne,  Kirsteen Macarthur,Alexander Peck,  Anne M Macleod.

Apologies: Fiona Chisholm, Moira Macpherson, Mr&Mrs D Mackenzie, Mr & Mrs M Mackenzie

Chairman’s Welcome  The Chairman welcomed all those present to the meeting.


Chairman’s Declaration that quorum number required (8) are in attendance.

Chairman’s Approval of Minutes from last AGM/EGM

Chairman’s Report

The Chairman circulated a reporton what has happened over the course of 2013/14. Although it appears to have been a quiet year, the committee has been very busy with other projects.

Treasurer’s Report.

Christine Stewart, Treasurer gave a report on what monies have been raised/collected over the past year. James Maclennan wished it recognised Christine’s continued fundraising effort on behalf of the Branch.

Chairman to announce stepping-down of last terms Office Bearers and Committee members

At this junction all committee members stood down.

Chairman’s additional comments and thanks ; to last terms Office Bearers and Committee Members

Mr Donnie White, Chairman,wished to thank all the committee members for their work over the past year.

Election of new Office Bearers and Committee Member

Chairman              Donnie White moves James Maclennan/ seconded by  ??

Vice Chair             Christine Stewart moves Richard Langhorne/ seconded by James Maclennan

Treasurer             James Maclennan moves Christine Stewart/seconded by Donnie White

Secretary               James Maclennan moves Christine Macleod. This was declined due to work commitments.

James Maclennan moves Duncan Walker /seconded  by  Donnie White.

Web Co-ordinator Kirsteen Macarthur

Invitation extended to all those present to become members of the Branch.

Chairman expresses best wishes to new Office Bearers and Committee Members on behalf of those stepping-down.

Extended appreciation to Donnie and Christine  for their stalwart efforts and commended for keeping the Branch going.

Chairman expresses thanks and best wishes to all who attended the meeting

The Chairman thanked all those in attendance at the meeting and that they continue to support the monthly meetings .

New Chairman announces venue, date and time of next meeting (normally 2nd Tuesday of each month)i.e 13 May 2014

Branch Chairman …………………………………………….

Branch Secretary ……………………………………………..


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