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The Consultant Neurologist is the doctor who is most likely to have given you your diagnosis of MS.  Consultant Neurologists work closely with Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurses and the rest of the multi-disciplinary team and specialise in diagnosing and treating problems related to the Central Nervous System.  The majority of patients will attend either the visiting Neurologist or the Neurology Department at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow.  Initial referral by a General Practitioner is required.


Physiotherapists work across all areas of medicine and surgery, some are trained to work with people who have neurological problems such as MS and are known as Neuro-physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists use various techniques including exercise and manipulation to improve mobility and use (function) in your arms and legs as well as improving health generally.  If you experience a relapse or have new symptoms which impact on your independence or your ability to do day to day tasks, you may benefit from physiotherapy.  The Physiotherapist is also happy to give advice about exercise and some teams are able to offer exercise groups, hydrotherapy and acupuncture.

Physiotherapists can also give advice about and supply walking aids such as walking sticks or frames and wheelchairs if required.

You can be referred to physiotherapy by your General Practitioner or another Health Care Professional.


Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with you to decide which aids and adaptations would make life easier and help you to conserve energy and will supply these; this may be anything from a kettle tipper or grab rail to organising an adapted extension with wet room or a chair lift to enable you to get upstairs again.  They are also very experienced at finding new ways for you to do things by working round any problems you may have as a result of your MS.  In addition, OT’s can provide valuable advice on how to manage fatigue and cognitive problems.

You can self refer to the Occupational Therapy Service by telephoning 01851704704.


A person with MS may see a speech and language therapist for a number of reasons, for instance:

  • slurring or slowing of speech – this is the most common form of speech problem experienced by people with MS
  • difficulty in remembering words or concentrating on things involving words e.g reading a long newspaper article
  • swallowing problems and coughing or spluttering whilst drinking. The speech and language therapist may carry out a swallowing assessment and advise ways to minimise or avoid problems

Speech and language therapists (also known as SALT) can help people with MS who may be having problems with communication or swallowing.  They are also able to assess and supply specialist equipment for people with severe communication problems.  You can be referred to SALT by your General Practitioner or another Health Care Professional.



A dietitian is a therapist who uses food and nutrition to devise eating plans to help manage medical conditions. Dietitians also promote good health through proper eating and educate on good nutritional habits. For people with MS who experience swallowing problems, dietitians can suggest types of food and ways of preparing food that makes them easier to swallow.  Dieticians can provide assessment and advice regarding diet and weight management.

You can be referred to this service by your General Practitioner or another Healthcare Professional.


Homeopathy is an approach that involves explicitly focusing on the person, understanding the uniqueness of that person, and giving a medicine which is individually chosen for them. The goal is to stimulate self-healing to the best the body can manage, and to facilitate a patient’s ability to cope.

There are two other advantages to using homeopathy as part of your way of dealing with MS. The medicines used are completely safe. They don’t have side-effects and don’t interfere with any other medicines you are taking. Finally, it’s available freely on the NHS.

Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital is staffed by fully qualified doctors and nurses and accepts referrals from GPs and Specialists throughout Scotland.


The Western Isles Health Information (HI) Project offers suitable, up to date and easily understandable health information that can be accessed in a wide variety of locations.  It provides a one stop e-service to the latest information available on: medical conditions, surgical operations and procedures, taking care of yourself and preventing illness, travel health and NHS Services.  Whilst the HI system cannot tell you what is wrong with you, it can help you understand the treatment that you can obtain.  If you think you have a medical problem you must see your doctor.

To find out where your nearest HI access point is please contact the Project Co-ordinator, 01851701545.



MS Society branches provide information about MS as well as local services and support.  They offer emotional support and a chance to meet other people in similar situations.  They can also make available grants to help with the purchase of equipment, respite or other MS related costs.  Branches offer a range of other forms of support, which may include such activities as talks, gym sessions, complementary therapies and social events.  All MS Society support is available to anyone affected by MS and there is no need to be or become a member.

The local branch in Stornoway meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm Grianan (except July/August).

Please contact:

Donnie White Chairman-0185 70 5306


The hyperbaric unit is situated at the Grianan Centre in Stornoway.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is NOT a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, but some individuals do find it to be effective in managing their condition.  There are some claims that it may improve bladder control and reduce fatigue.

The initial treatment consists of breathing oxygen through a mask for one hour per day over a maximum of 20 days.  This takes place in a large pressurized chamber that allows up to 8 people to be treated simultaneously.

This is followed by ‘top-up’ sessions which may vary from once a week to once monthly.

For further information please contact Donnie White-01851705306.



Advocacy Western Isles provides an independent and confidential service throughout the Western Isles.  We can link you to a trained advocate who can support you in practical ways. Advocates are ordinary members of the public who volunteer their time. An advocate’s only loyalty is to the person they are supporting.  Practical ways in which we can help include attending meetings, helping to write letters, ensuring your voice is heard and making sure decisions are clearly explained.  There is no charge for this service.

Please contact

Lewis & Harris Branch Uist & Barra Branch
Lamont Lane East Camp
Bayhead Balivanich
Stornoway Benbecula
Isle of Lewis HS1 2EB HS7 5LA
Telephone: (01851) 701755 Telephone: (01870) 603891
E-mail: E-mail:
Email: Email:


Medical Equipment

The British Red Cross can lend items of medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, bed rests and commodes to people on a short term basis.

Therapeutic Care

The British Red Cross Therapeutic Care Service is available on short term basis to anyone who needs it during particularly stressful times.  Provision may range from 1 week to six months.  Users of the service are offered a relaxing 30 minute session consisting of:

  • Hand care and hand massage
  • Neck & shoulder massage given through clothing

Transport Service

The British Red Cross Transport Service offers freedom and independence for people who cannot get about easily or use ordinary transport.  By providing drivers with suitable vehicles and escorts where needed-it becomes possible to make essential journeys and other trips.

For further information on any of the above services please contact:

The Manager, British Red Cross, 7 Bayhead Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis 01851702897


A drop in centre located in Stornoway for individuals with or recovering from mental illness such as depression.  Currently open Monday-Friday 12-4pm and Saturdays 11am-3pm.  Information and self help support is provided.  Art, craft, music, creative writing and photography groups are held regularly.  Regular social events also take place.

For further information please contact:

Del Gunn, 23 Bayhead, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, 01851704964 or email


The aims of the service is to

Ø  relieve stress on the persons or families caring for all age groups of people with physical, mental or sensory impairment.

  • care in appropriate circumstances for the elderly, or people with physical, mental or sensory impairments who are living alone.
  • Work with the social work dept to organise day or night respite care in the hometo enable carers to go on holiday etc.

Crossroads (Lewis) accepts referrals from carers looking after people of all ages whatever their needs, who are living on the isle of Lewis.  This is a free service.

For further information please contact the Co-ordinator on 01851705422 or email:


Disability Employment Advisor

If you need extra employment support because of a disability, your local Jobcentre can put you in touch with one of their Disability Employment Advisors (DEAs).  DEAs can give you help and support regardless of your situation.  They can help you find work or gain new skills even if you have been out of work for a long time, or if you have little or no work experience

Condition Management Programme

A programme available to anyone claiming Incapacity Benefit or Income Support because of a health condition.  The aim is to help you gain skills which will enable you to understand and better manage your condition.  This will allow you to explore the range of lifestyle and work opportunities available to you.  Benefits are not affected by participating in this programme.  Referral to this programme is through Incapacity Benefit Personal Advisors.

For further information regarding the above services please contact:

Jobcentre Plus, 13-15 Francis Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis 01851763100


Welfare rights, housing and disability advice.  The CAB also operates an online advice guide that provides up to date independent advice around the clock.

For further information contact:

41-43 Westview Terrace, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, 01851705727




The Community Care Teams aim to help people to live as independently as they can in their own homes or in homely facilities in the community.  Services for people living in the area may include assessment of needs, aids and equipment to help with tasks of daily living, funding to meet the cost of temporary adaptations to houses, provision of day services opportunities and supported accommodation.

Some of the services provided include:

Home Care

Community Care Assessments

Residential Care

Direct Payments

A Direct Payment can be offered by the Social Work Department to individuals assessed as needing community care services and who meet Direct Payment eligibility criteria.  Direct Payments Scheme

Local Authorities have a duty to offer Direct Payments to most people assessed as needing community care services.

A Direct Payment is money given to you by the Local Authority, so that you can arrange and purchase the help and services you need. For example, you may need practical help in the home, such as, cleaning and personal care. You may decide to employ your own personal assistant or buy support from an agency or service provider.

You can get Direct Payments if you are over 16 years of age and are disabled by physical impairment, learning disability, mental health or illness. You do not have to get Direct Payments if you do not want them.

Blue Badge Scheme

This scheme is a national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties whether they are a driver or a passenger.  Application forms are available online or by contacting the department.

Individuals wishing to seek further information or initial advice and assistance can contact the Community Care Team, Social Work and speak to the Duty Social Worker between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday where a worker is available to give advice and assistance either in person or by telephone-01851703773.


24-hour-a-day service operated by the Social Work Department providing:

Reassurance for people living on their own

Immediate response in an emergency

Reassurance and support for carers

The Community Alarm Service provides an automatic link from the user’s home to the Control Centre in Stornoway. The computerised unit in the Control Centre, which is staffed by a team of trained operators, is linked to home units by an ordinary telephone line.

There are also a number of other telecare solutions available including, fall detectors, medication dispensers, chair and bed occupancy sensors.


01851701702 (Lewis & Harris)

01876580694 (Uist & Barra)